Expert Proposals Tip # 12

As a business owner, one of the biggest things you need to get your head around is that it’s not about you. It’s about your clients. What do they need? And what do they really want?

One of the best ways to find this out is to ask them! If you have a service-based business, ask for testimonials and read between the lines to see what they say about you. If you have a product-based business, encourage reviews so you can find out why they purchased that item from you.

Think of yourself as a doctor and take a diagnostic approach. When you visit a doctor, they don’t take one look at you and start to assume your diagnosis, do they? I’d hope not!

They should ask you a series of questions and then offer you the right solution.

When you think along these lines, you should:

🔸 Incorporate a discovery/diagnostic approach with your client engagement

🔸 Listen, don’t talk

🔸 Analyse what they are saying or writing about you and your business

🔸 Present a solution based on the data

When it comes to writing your tender proposals, you also need to see it as your customer does. You’ll only have once chance to get it right too. Think about each question and try and put yourself in the client’s shoes.

You may be tendering against seasoned professionals! Businesses who apply for multiple tenders and have made a lucrative living from doing so. Clients may already know these tender bidders and automatically sway towards them. They should already know what this client wants as they’ve won previous tenders.

It can be a tough gig!

Winning tender proposals can come down to anticipating what the client wants to read. You’ll need to write to your client and stop focusing on you. Always ask yourself, what would this client want to read?

We’ve been helping business owners nail their messages to win tender proposals for more years than Alfred’s been helping Batman (well, maybe not that long!). If you’d like an expert to help you up your chances of winning proposals, let us know.