Expert Proposals Tip # 13

Every business owner knows that you’re only as good as your customers or clients. If they aren’t fans of what you’re providing, they’ll go elsewhere, and if this happens all the time, you’ll soon find that you no longer have a business!

Sure, you may think you’re killing it. But it’s not how you see yourself that counts. It will, and does, always come down to the way your clients see you.

The quote by Kate, ‘The customer’s perception is your reality’, is one of many that have fallen from leading business owner’s mouths. They all know that happy clients build a successful business.

Having written tender proposals for many years now, we know this to be 100% accurate.

We’ve found that:

🔸 Clients will only value what THEY value, not what YOU value

🔸 If you focus on yourself, you will only see yourself through your eyes

🔸 You need to think like your client and write like them

You need to work out how your clients see you. Think of your tender as a marketing document. Not only do you need to address their needs, but you need to prove how you do it.

Once you understand your client (research them – stalk their website, read their mission and value statements, speak to people in the organisation through social channels, establish a relationship), you’ll work out how what you offer will benefit them.

Your benefits may be a superior product or service, better pricing, quick turnarounds, reliable suppliers and workers, innovative products that are better for the environment and so on.

Make your point of difference known in your tender proposal. But learn how to write it as the benefit to the client, not merely the feature of your service or product.

Once you’ve nailed the art of writing tender proposals, your clients will come to know you and see that you’re thinking about them, not merely applying for proposals without care.

And remember, always back up your claims with proof! You’re the best – but why?

Writing tender proposals takes time to get write. If you’d like a helping hand to nail your tender writing game, get in touch today.