Expert Proposals Tip # 17

Tendering is like marketing. You need to write and present your tender, giving it the absolute ‘wow’ factor to get noticed. It’s a bit like our favourite TV stars getting all glammed up and walking down the red carpet. Everyone knows you secretly watch the Logies only for that bit so you can ‘wow’ at your favs.

You need to make your tender look as glamourous as these stars, presenting it with the ultimate wow factor to get it across the line.

As tender ‘writers’, we are usually telling you all about the writing side, but we do need to add in that professional graphics help you get noticed too. Use images on your cover that will resonate with your client. Then use infographics throughout to put your words into a visual form – they often explain complex matters in an easy to understand way.

Then focus on your writing and thinking of ways you can add credibility to your tender proposal.

Here are some added ways to add credibility (that usually go above and beyond what is requested to wow your client):

🔸 Provide evidence on your quality assurance processes

🔸 Attach your work health and safety documentation to show how your company takes this seriously, and how you work on sites for your clients

🔸 Make a note and attach evidence if you’ve got a standout procedure that backs your claim (i.e. you’ve got the strongest steel for manufacturing and can prove it from lab tests etc.)

Going above and beyond and attaching things your client would be interested to know, shows you’re thinking ahead (and thinking of your client). This helps to build your credibility, which creates confidence.

And as we’ve mentioned in past tips, adding quotes, testimonials and case studies are an excellent way to show your credibility. Scatter these throughout your proposal and show your client why you’re the best choice to win the tender.

We’d love to help you write your proposal, or at least guide you on the best practice to win more tenders. Contact us today for more information.