Expert Proposals Tip # 18

Anyone can make wild claims about anything they like. But you need to back it up with evidence…

For example, did you know that bananas are considered berries, but strawberries aren’t? I kid you not! Botanists say real berries are fruits that stem from a single flower with a single ovary and have several seeds (i.e. a banana). Strawberries stem from a single flower with more than one ovary, which makes them ‘aggregate fruits’!

The same thing applies when you’re writing your tender proposal. If you’re making a claim, be prepared to back it up with evidence or your tender will appear weak and fake.

And the coolest thing about having proof is that when you have it, you can confidently claim anything!

You can back up your claim with:

🔸 Case studies and testimonials from past clients, showing your success in the same area

🔸 Photos or images of jobs you’ve completed on par with the one you’re currently tendering for

🔸 Lab test results that back up your claim on a product

In effect, you can claim anything – just back it up.

If you’ve got a process that guarantees the best quality, prove it. If your product is the strongest on the market and will last longer than others, prove it. If your design has won awards, prove it. If your methods saved your client time and money, prove it. If you’ve got the best aftercare, prove it.

The key message here is prove it!

Don’t apply for tenders just for the sake of it. Look into them, do your research into the client, formulate a plan, and then consider if the tender is right for you.

Tender writing is time-consuming, and there’s no point applying if you know you don’t have what the client is looking for. If you fluff the tender, you’re wasting your time as the client will see right through it.

Be patient; the right tenders will come along. The ones you’ll look at and say, ‘Yes, I can smash that out of the park – and I have all the EVIDENCE to back up my claims’.

If you’re new to the tendering game and would like to see how the experts write tenders, contact us today for more information. Or if you’re a seasoned pro who’d like to have an expert second opinion to see if you’ve missed anything, we’d love to hear from you.