Expert Proposals Tip # 22

When you’re writing a tender proposal, you’ll include claims as to why you’re the best as you’re trying to convince your client to choose you. You’re marketing yourself, and you’ve got to make sure that you can back up your claims with evidence. 

One of the best ways we encourage you to provide evidence is by using case studies. 

If you’ve tendered for projects in the past (that you’ve won), you can use these to provide proof in your tender proposal. For example, you may be a gardener who won a big job to re-do or create gardens in a local council park. You’ve found this was hugely beneficial to your business, and you want to do more of this.

So, you start applying for more and more tender proposals for gardens. Within these proposals, you’d provide information on these past projects (case studies) and include photos of the work you did. 

Remember to include the before photos too so your client can see the change. This provides clear proof of what you’ve done. 

And as they say, a picture can paint a thousand words. Sometimes it’s much easier to show a client the results they can expect rather than try and convince them in words! 

So, when you’re writing your tender proposal, I want you to think about this. 

What can you show your client that will short circuit the process and help them understand why you are the best? Here are some ideas:

🔸 Before and after photos of sites you’ve worked on (landscaping, buildings, renovations etc.) 

🔸 Internal photos of buildings that had huge problems (structural etc.) and how your product fixed it 

🔸 How your problem fixes what your client is looking for (photos of it in action, photos of people using it etc.)

While we’re chatting about images, another great way to add the visual appeal to your tender proposal is by using graphics and infographics. If you have done your research and see that your client is more a visual person, it’ll pay to use more of these visuals throughout your proposal.

In particular, if your product or service is a tad complicated, using an infographic to explain it is an easier way to present it. 

Before you submit your next (or first) tender proposal, we’d love to have a chat with you and make sure you’ve done everything possible to give your tender a good chance.