Expert Proposals Tip # 24

Take a moment and think about some of those late-night ads (or the cheery women on the morning shows!). They have a product to sell, and they harp on and on about it. 

And no matter how tacky we may think they are, they work. Why?

Because although they carry on about their wonderful, revolutionary product, they show it in action and demonstrate how it’s helping people. 

They use case studies. 

Remember that old blow-up mattress ad? They didn’t simply say it’s strong enough to hold a mini car; they actually popped one on top of the mattress to prove it to us. They’d done their research, and they could back up their claim. 

It’s smart advertising, and it works. 

When you see the evidence to back up those claims (no matter how crazy they may sound), you believe it. 

And this is exactly what you need to do when writing your tender proposals. You can make all the claims in the world, but if you’re not backing them up with hard evidence, you won’t be believed. 

One of the best ways to provide this evidence is to write case studies. 

Make you case studies: 

🔸 Around 1 page in length per case study

🔸 Include lots of pictures, visuals and the essential facts

🔸 Include the specific challenges for the project and how you overcame them

Case studies are as powerful as testimonials; however, your previous client doesn’t write it, you do. They are one of the best ways that you can show your client outcomes that you’ve achieved for other clients in the past. 

You can write them confidentially if you need too (i.e. not mentioning the other client’s name) but include the visuals such as before and after shots to give authenticity. 

If you’re keen to win your next (or first) tender proposal and would like a hand to make sure you get it right, give us a call today.