Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!

So said Carl Sagan.

If you’re the kind of person who has courage and are confident to tell the world how awesome you are, kudos! It’s a good thing to be proud and want to boast about your accomplishments.

And this is so true when it comes to writing your tender proposals. You want to be the best, and you want to tell your client that you’re the best.

But, you need to back this up. 

It’s great to be confident and to have that shine through in your tender proposals. But all that confidence will be shot down in flames if your client starts picking apart your tender proposal to discredit your claims.

And that’s why it’s super important to have evidence to prove why you’re so awesome. 

With evidence, you can confidently claim anything! 

You can back up your claim with:

🔸 Case studies and testimonials from past clients, showing your success in the same area

🔸 Photos or images of jobs you’ve completed on par with the one you’re currently tendering for

🔸 Lab test results that back up your claim on a product

When you’re writing your tender proposal, you can claim anything. You just need to be able to back it up. 

It’s like any form of marketing. Companies can make all the claims they like, but if we don’t see the proof, we’re sceptical and don’t believe the claims. Think about the ads you watch. They make a point of showing real-life applications (case studies if you will) of their product in use to demonstrate how it will help you. 

Get into the habit of doing this in your tender proposals so you can win more business. And once you’ve won a few tenders and proven your work, you’ll find clients come back to you in the future. 

There are so many things to consider when you’re writing a tender proposal. If you’d like a hand to get it right, give us a call today. 



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