Expert Proposals Tip #4

How you present your proposal can be the deal-breaker.

Your audience is most likely reading for information, not leisure, to decide if your tender proposal meets their requirements or not.

So it’s important that you are clear, concise and effectively use visuals to present your company in the best possible light.

These 3 ways can help you to strengthen your tender proposal:

🔸Being clear allows your readers to easily understand why you’re the best choice.

🔸Being concise is increasingly important because the people reading your proposal are short on time and you want them to get “to the good stuff” as quickly as possible.

🔸Use visuals in your proposal as they support your clear and concise message in a manner that’s easy to understand.

We can’t stress enough the importance of taking care in the presentation of your proposals. Looking at thousands of proposals during our 30 years’ experience we know that this can be the deal-breaker.

If this is something you have questions about or need help with, get in touch with Doug on 0402 967 920 to see how we can help.