Expert Proposals Tip # 15

In tender writing, as with anything in business, you must be able to back up any claims you make with evidence. Evidence ensures your tender proposal sounds authentic and believable. When you’re writing your tender, remember: 🔸The client reading your tender will be thinking, ‘so what’ so be persuasive and real 🔸The client will only … Read more

Expert Proposals Tip # 14

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Put your money where your mouth is’? In business, if you’re going to make big claims, you need to have the evidence, hard evidence to back it up. These days, big claims seem to brush over people like water on ducks. We’ve seen them all too often, and without … Read more

Expert Proposals Tip # 13

Every business owner knows that you’re only as good as your customers or clients. If they aren’t fans of what you’re providing, they’ll go elsewhere, and if this happens all the time, you’ll soon find that you no longer have a business! Sure, you may think you’re killing it. But it’s not how you see … Read more

Expert Proposals Tip # 12

As a business owner, one of the biggest things you need to get your head around is that it’s not about you. It’s about your clients. What do they need? And what do they really want? One of the best ways to find this out is to ask them! If you have a service-based business, … Read more

Expert Proposals Tip # 11

When we make decisions about just about anything in life, we ask ourselves, ‘What value will this add?’. And value is truly in the eye of the beholder! What you see as valuable may be totally different from the person sitting next to you. Think beyond the traditional belief that ‘value’ comes down to a … Read more

Expert Proposals Tip # 10

If you’re running a small business and looked into any form of marketing, no doubt you’d have been asked, ‘What are your customer’s pain points?’. They’re not talking about physical pain like they’ve fallen down the stairs and broken an ankle, but the problems they are facing in their business. And like any problems small … Read more

Expert Proposals Tip #9

When you have a solution that correctly identifies your client’s needs, you’ll find that they’ll become loyal to your business. However, if you fail to meet their needs, they’ll leave you faster than The Flash and be onto someone new. Not great hey?! You must learn how to identify your client’s needs, problems, issues or … Read more

Expert Proposals Tip # 8

One of the most crucial things for all small businesses to master is knowing how to identify their client’s needs. These ‘needs’ can be named or unnamed (i.e. they don’t even know they need it yet!) and come to light when they’re searching for what you offer. If you provide the solution to their exact … Read more

Expert Proposals Tip #7

Thanks Maya, how accurate is her quote! People do tend to forget about others unless we’ve made them feel a certain way. And this may be good or bad! Think about it for yourself as a small business owner or consumer. Have you ever dealt with another business, discovered they’re amazing, been treated like royalty … Read more

Expert Proposals Tip # 6

Have you ever considered that you could grow your small business through applying for (and winning!) tenders? It’s a lucrative business opportunity, and it’s not just for big companies, trust us on that. Small business does have the power to outplay the top guns if they have the right team in their corner. And many … Read more