Elevate Your Template

Build a client-focused template and supporting materials

You may have a nagging feeling that your Proposals, Tenders and Sales Documents may not be as good as they could be. Perhaps you are not winning contracts that you thought you were perfectly suited for, or you may have received feedback that your proposals need improvement.

Our Proposal Review service is the first step to improving your proposals is to know where they currently stand compared to best practice.

After you know where you can improve, we can help you implement it and that’s what our Elevate Your Template service does.

We will work with you to produce a multi-purpose template document that can be used for many purposes:

  • Proactive proposals and quotes
  • Tender responses
  • Capability Statements
  • Marketing Campaigns

The template is designed for a one-to-one proposal, as opposed to a one-to-many generic document.

Key FeatureDescription
Who this service is ideal for:Businesses starting out with proposals or tendering and would like to build a proposal template and associated materials.
Businesses who want to improve an existing template.
Price:Fixed Price
Period over which service is delivered
1 month
Confidentiality:You may ask us to sign an NDA. Whether you do or don’t we act in the same way and keep your identity and information confidential.
Discussions and Calls:Yes.
• Kick-off call
• 4 check-in calls
Advice and Strategy:• Advice on current proposals and areas
for improvement
• Discuss win themes and differentiators
• Identify Key Messaging for Executive
• Ideal Executive Summary Structure
• General Advice and guidance
Template Document:• Building a professional template
incorporating your branding (Microsoft Word)
• Structured with focus on the customer
• Messaging Page profiling your business
• Executive Summary
• Setting up sections in the proposal for supporting information to be added
Graphics:• Messaging Page Infographics
• Win Themes Diagram
• Service Team Diagram
• Methodology/Approach diagram
• Other custom graphics