How do we handle confidential and private information?

As we are always working with clients’ confidential information, we are highly experienced in managing and protecting that information.

We are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreement (CA) with you. Whether we have signed one of these or not, we treat your information in the same confidential way.

We have established systems and processes in place to ensure we keep you and your information confidential.

These include:

  1. We never disclose to any another party that we are working with you.
  2. We encourage you not to inform the company you are submitting your proposal to that you are working with us.
  3. Any testimonials or client stories on our website or social media are anonymised and do not identify our clients by name.
  4. We use industry leading, well-established and secure software. These tools features MFA.
  5. We do not use public WiFi networks when away from our offie. We use personal hotspots to our own devices. In addition, we use VPN’s where possible.
  6. Occasionally a client will like to speak with one of our clients as a referee. In this case we would seek all parties consent before sharing contact information.