How does our pricing work?

Some services such as our Proposal Review, Elevate Your Template or First Draft Proposal Support have fixed fees.

Our Full Proposal Support service is designed for clients we haven’t worked with before. This service has a Fixed Fee.

Once we have worked with a client once, they can engage us on a Day Rate basis via our Returning Client Proposal Support service. This is how all of our returning clients engage us as it provides the most cost effective pricing as we only charge for work performed.

How do we work out a Fixed Fee for Full Proposal Support? We will ask you to provide the tender or proposal request documents which we review to determine the work involved. The work involved in completing these documents together with what you told us during our discovery call or initial discussions will help us to estimate how much time we will need to work on it. We have extensive experience having worked on thousands of proposals over 20 years, and we know what good looks like. We therefore know how much work is involved. We then present you with our Fixed Fee.

We understand that not everyone has big budgets available to work on tender responses, and so we have created a lower-cost support option, First Draft Proposal Support. For this service we review the documents and specifications or scopes of work and provide a first draft outline for you and your team to then complete. This is equivalent to one day’s work.

For our Returning Client Proposal Support and Proposal Support Partnership services are based on Day Rates.