Growth Partnership

A new program coming in February 2020!

We are building this program to address the needs of clients who:

  • Have some experience tendering
  • Haven’t achieved the level of success with their tenders that they would like
  • Are seeking professional assistance to improve their templates, processes, ideal client identification, sales strategy and, importantly, sales execution!

Our service will include:

  • A Proposal Review (if we have not done this already)
  • Improvement of existing tender templates
  • Creation of a capability statement document
  • Identification and assistance of additional information that is required to build evidence and strengthen the proposal
  • Graphics
  • Sales Strategy
  • Ideal client sector identification
  • Digital / Social media marketing opportunities
  • Research on potential clients to target
  • Tailored capability statement for the sector
  • Sales execution. Once a number of target clients are identified, we will produce the tailored capability statements. This execution piece is important, as all the strategy in the world means nothing unless you do something with it!

The program will be delivered personally by Doug Rutter, the Managing Director of Expert Proposals, in conjunction with hand-picked sales experts.

If you are interested, please make sure you register your interest as our first intake will be limited to 5 clients.