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Proposal or Tender Writing Assistance

New Clients

For new clients we work on a Fixed Fee basis. To determine this fee we review the proposal or tender requirements and determine how many hours we believe are involved in managing the proposal or tender. Our fees are not based on contract values, it is about how much work is involved. It’s not unusual for us to see see low-contract value tenders taking more time to respond to than high-value contracts. 

Returning Clients

Returning clients who we have worked with before are able to access our services on a Day Rate basis, which provides excellent value as we only charge for work performed and do not need to allow for a buffer for unknown contingencies. 

We believe that our pricing represents excellent value for money, because of the personal service and attention to detail you receive.  As the saying goes, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”.

What you get

  • You Get Experience Our team are highly experienced. We all have extensive business experience as well as many years of tendering experience. This allows us to quickly understand how your business operates and how we can present you in the best possible way.
  • Professional WritersOur highly experienced technical writers who will work closely with you to capture the knowledge that is in your business (or your head) and make sure it makes it onto the page.
  • Personal Service – We work hand in hand with you – Our role is to shoulder the burden and make your life easier. We are with you every step of the way.
  • A Value for Money, Fixed Price Fee – We will provide you with a fixed price quote after you send us the RFP/RFT/EOI document. For returning clients we work on a Day Rate basis.
  • Project Management Software – We use professional project management software to keep track of key tasks and dates – this keeps everyone organised and away from the submission date.
  • Kick-off Meeting – We will run a kick-off meeting to get the response team coordinated.
  • Strategy Session – We will run a strategy session with you to identify and articulate the key win themes. Sometimes this can be done at the same time as the Kick-Off meeting
  • Document Template – We will create a template for you, complete with logos, your branding and messaging. We will follow your brand guidelines if you have them..
  • Executive Summary – We will create a tailored Executive Summary, together with visuals and graphic.
  • Content – You own and get to keep any content or documentation we create. You  can re-use and re-purpose it as you see fit. We will provide you with all source files.
  • Graphics – We create or refine graphics to support your messages. You get to keep any graphics we create and we will send you the source graphics. Great for re-use!
  • A Tax Invoice – We will provide you with a Tax Invoice for our work. We will normally require a 50% deposit with the balance due after the proposal has been submitted.
  • Post-Submission Queries/Support (up to 2 hours) – Sometimes there are queries after a proposal is submitted. We will help you with that. Up to 1 hours work is included in the original fixed price.


  • Remotely Delivered Service – We provide a remotely delivered service. If you want us to meet with you in-person, this will be subject to a range of factors including location, resourcing, availability and necessity. If we agree to meet with you in-person, we will charge travel expenses, flights, accomodation at cost.
  • Professional Design Work – We have a number of skilled graphic designers in our network we can call upon, at very competitive rates
  • Presentation Support – We can help you prepare materials for the presentation, or coach your presentation team. We can provide a fixed price quote for this as well.

Other Services

For other services, we charge a Fixed Fee.

Pricing FAQ

  • How does our pricing work?
    Some services such as our Proposal Review, Elevate Your Template or First Draft Proposal Support have fixed fees. Our Full Proposal Support service is designed for clients we haven’t worked with before. This service has a Fixed Fee. Once we have worked with a client once, they can engage us on a Day Rate basis via our Returning Client Proposal Support service. This is how all of our returning clients engage us as it provides the most cost effective pricing as we only charge for work performed. How do we work out a Fixed Fee for Full Proposal Support? We will ask you to provide the tender or proposal request documents which we review to determine the work involved. The work involved in completing these documents together with what you told us during our discovery call or initial discussions will help us to estimate how much time we will need to work on it. We have extensive experience having worked on thousands of proposals over 20 years, and we know what good looks like. We therefore know how much work is involved. We then present you with our Fixed Fee. We understand that not everyone has big budgets available to…Read More
  • Is writing a tender response expensive?
    The tendering process can be complex and is not a cheap exercise. You need to decide if tendering is an important sales channel for your business, and if it is, you need to be prepared to invest in it. Generally, our fees to assist clients in preparing tenders is usually less than 0.5% of the contract value.

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