Proposal Support Partnership

A tailored retainer service designed for organisations with ongoing proposal and tender preparation, administration, and content management requirements. This is our flagship service.

Key FeatureDescription
Who this service is ideal for:Organisations who require regular support on an ongoing basis throughout the year
Approximately 5 or more proposals
Price:Tailored based on level of support required
Reduced Day Rate
Period over which service is delivered
12 months
Confidentiality:You may ask us to sign an NDA. Whether you do or don’t we act in the same way and keep your identity and information confidential.
Exclusive Tender Support:
We will only work with one organisation
on a specific tender.
First Right of Refusal:
If we are approached by another party
with a tender and we reasonably believe
it is one you may consider applying for,
we will ask you first before supporting other parties.
Yes – exclusive to the Proposal Support Partnership service
Priority Service:Yes
Tailored Services:
Based on your specific requirements
Yes – exclusive to the Proposal Support Partnership service
Discussions and Calls:Yes
Advice & Strategy:Yes
Template Document:Yes
Writing & Editing:Yes
Produce and submit final documents:Yes


If you think this service might be right for you, then we encourage you to apply. 

Proposal Support Partnership Application

What is your biggest challenge when preparing proposals or tenders?
How many proposals or tenders do you prepare each year?
Approximately what is the dollar value of contracts you issue proposals or tenders for?
How did you hear about Expert Proposals?

Anything else you would like to share with us?